little words, BIG IMPACT…

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Okay, I admit it.

I’m a bit of a word geek.

Every day I tackle the Word Jumble and the crossword puzzle in the paper.

Regarding the Word Jumble, if the U.S. ever fields a team,  I’m trying out.

I might even be the captain.

On my phone is Word Cookies and I’m on some sort of “Star Trek”  level.

There are also times I page through a dictionary, looking for different words that I might be able to use.

In one of my favorite “MASH” episodes, Hawkeye Pierce was asked if he was on a desert island, which book would be want.

He answered, “The dictionary because all of the great writings are in it.”

Pretty profound.

The other day, I was struck by the power of a little word.


I heard a commercial saying if you used a certain shampoo, you’d have more “me” time.

I started thinking that might be the reason society seems to struggle at times.

We’re all for change and fair play until it impacts “me”.

The problems aren’t with “me” or because of “me”.

It’s always somebody else’s problem.

Here’s another “little word”.


At times, it might be the hardest word to say.

I read a parenting book many years ago and the author said sometimes you just have to tell children, “No!”

And, when they respond with “Why?”,  you should respond with,  “Because I said so!”

End of argument.

No more discussion.

No one ever said parenting was a democracy.

How about another “little word?”


It can be an amazing icebreaker.

Pass someone on the sidewalk, look at them and say, “Hi!”

I’m amazed at how many people will try to avoid eye contact today so I work hard at it and then ice the cake with a smile and a quick, “Hi!”

Sometimes I get a grunt, or a glance away, but more often that not, I’ll get a smile and a “Hi!” returned.

When we vacation on Pelee Island, it’s an island tradition to wave as you pass another motorist.

Makes the place seem a little warmer.

“Hi!” can have the same effect.

What do you think about “Go”?

To me, it indicates action, movement and energy.

You can’t be lethargic or stagnant if someone shouts, “Go!”

My youngest sister, Jerry, used to have a dog named Cubby. That pooch would sometimes act like he was 110 plugged into 220. I’d urge him on with “Go! Cubby, Go!”

Folks on the “Go”  may not always get it right but they’ll be in a new spot, with a different perspective.

It might be safer to never “Go” but the scenery gets pretty boring if you’re not pressing forward.

Want another important little word?


When opposing attitudes are butting heads, the first “OK” can signal potential compromise is near.

If it’s used with a question mark, “OK” is encouraging further consideration of your perspective or thought.

Followed with an explanation mark, “OK” can indicate progress has been made and we’re on a roll.

When uttered with extended hands, palms up, “OK” can be used to ask, “How do you feel about that?”

With the palms extended, hands up, “OK” can mean, “Take a ‘chill pill’ and maybe you misunderstood me or I didn’t make thoughts clear.

Here’s another tiny word.


Much like “Go”, “Do” indicates effort and motion.

You can’t “Do” much if you’re always sitting on your hands, grumbling, and not pitching in.

If you’re not happy with the status quo, if you “Do” nothing, I’ll guarantee the situation won’t change.

“Up” is another one of those little words that indicates direction and attitude.

I’m not good at finding money on the street because I’m more often looking “Up” as I stroll.

My Dad used to get me “Up” in the morning slapping the bottoms of my feet. He heard that was the most effective way of waking someone “Up”.

He probably slapped mine because they’ve always been big targets.

Lifting folks “Up”, cheering them “Up” or heading in that direction indicates things are headed in a positive direction.

It’s tough to be down, when you’re “Up”.

While bargaining with others, “Or” can be huge.

Sincerely listening to the other side’s ideas, occasionally nodding and then when the conversation wanes, “Or” can encourage additional input or be the opening for you to toss out your two-cents worth.

“Or” offers an option.

Sometimes it’s not really a true option offered by the word “Or”.

“Do that ‘Or’ I’m telling Mom” doesn’t normally indicate much flexibility with the offer.

They are little words.

But they seem to carry more than their own weight when we use them.

In the meantime, I’ll say “Hi” when we meet as things are looking “Up” for a little more “Me” time as I “Go” forward with “No” obstacles in the way of what I want to “Do” .if that’s “Ok” with you.

“Or” maybe it isn’t.

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