Let the Word Games Begin…


download words 2I like words.

There was a time that I would grab a dictionary and just leaf through it, discovering  new words or different uses for familiar ones.

I also like those word-search and crossword puzzle books.

We  take those with us when we travel and make little notes and time-references at the top of each page related to our travels.

Those are fun reads after-the-fact.

Today, I have “Word Cookies” on my phone so anytime I’m waiting, I’ll pull that game up and expand my vocabulary.

When our grand kids were younger, we’d play word games while waiting in parking lots after rehearsals and such.

The kids enjoyed doing homonyms and homophones.

Homonyms are words that sound alike or are spelled alike and pronounced the same

but have different meanings.

For example, there’s “bark”…the sound a dog makes or what’s on the outside of a tree.

Then, there are homophones.

They are types of homonyms that sound alike abd have different meanings, origins or spellings.

An example would be “air” and “heir”.

I like the triplets.

“Rain”, “rein” and “reign”, “ewe”, “you” and “yew”, “sew”, “so” and “sow”  and “they’re, “there” and “their” are some that come to mind.

The game I like to play is to make homophone or homonym riddles.

What do you call a narrow lane on a piece of land?

An “aisle isle”.

The male offspring of a star?

The “son sun”.

A rough-to-the-touch focus of study?

A “coarse course”.

You know what a naked Grizzle is, don’t you?

A “bare bear”.

The aroma of a coin in your hand?

The “cent scent”.

When you possess the time, it’s “our hour”.

If you consumed two-thirds of a dozen eggs, you obviously “ate eight”.

A T-Rex giving thanks prior to eating you might be “pray prey”.

A piece of authentic fishing gear has to be a “real reel”.

The ocean-going traveler who views the object of his attack might be defined as “seas seas seize”.

It’s obvious that a furry rabbit is a “hair hare”.

(Sounds like a cheer, doesn’t it?)

Would a money-making soothsayer be a “profit prophet?”

If you have a lot of affection for that antlered creature in the forest, might that be a “dear deer”?

Writing paper that never moves?

“Stationary stationery”.

The top city official is a horse.

The “mare mayor”.

If you daydream while going to the second floor, it must be the “stair stare”.

Planning some remodeling at church?

So, you’re thinking about an “altar alter”.

If flying high into the sky makes you ache, that would be the “soar sore”.

The proper way to to perform cursive should be the “right write”.

If you hauled away a garden bug-eater by the ends of his feet, that’s gotta be a “towed toad toed”.

A affirmative response while looking at an individual has to be “aye eye I”.

A friend of mine was mugged while shopping at a group of retail stores.

Police called it a “mall maul”.

The high-caloric accomodations would have to be the “sweet suite”.

A story about that thing on the end of your furry pet would the the “tail tale”.

Possessing hardened metal by criminal action would be “steel steal”.

That mink pine tree has to be the “fur fir”.

The entire depression in the soil most certainly would be the “whole hole”.

If you decide to coast to a stop instead of pumping the pedal, it would be the “brake break” or if the means to halt your vehicle happened due  to a malfunction, it might be the “brake break”.

If you get weary after 7 days, that’s a “weak week”.

So you decided to unload your wind-driven boat, have you?

Sounds like you’re planning a “sail sale”.

If refilling my glass challenges you financially, that would have to be a “poor pour”.

The main person leading the school must be the “principle principal”.

If you possess every leather punch in the world, that would be “all awl”.

And, if your uncle’s wife was a tiny insect, we’d call be “aunt ant”.

The path that the tree anchor follows must be the “root route”.

If beer-drinking makes you sick, it might be “ale ail”.

Peeling two pieces of fruit might be a “pare pear pair”.

When you are close to bidding farewell to a purchase, it’s gotta be a “by, bye, buy”.

That single victory?

“One won”.

The proper method to determine the poundage is the “way weigh”.

Did you hear about that group of TV shows on your favorite breakfast meal?

Be watching for the “serial cereal”.

Don’t improperly tie a shoe string.

That would be a “not knot”.

(Did I just make a “Not-Knot” joke?)

If you are totally devoid of information, that’s a “no know”.

If you become acquainted with a pork chop, it’s a “meet meat”.

And, of course, men-only postal deliveries are “male mail”.

Back in the day we used to call them mailmen.

But that no longer has society’s stamp of approval.


What’s that moisture on my letter?

Must be the postage dew.

(Cue the groans!)

I’ll quit now.

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