Is Coronavirus PC?


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I was reading an article that indicated many of us are tired of hearing any or all of the following;

“During these unprecedented times…”

“We know how you feel…”

“We’re in this together…”

“The new normal…”

Might I add “face masks” and “social distancing”.

In this “touchy-feely” social media whirlpool we find ourselves living in, it does not surprise me that “we know how you feel” has become a part of the dialog.

First of all, to the well-meaning advertising clone directing today’s marketing effort, it’s evidently important that we express empathy.

It’s clearly obvious that it’s “never been this bad EVER before ANY where” and so we need to let consumers know we’ve got their wallets…er, backs!

It’s “never been this bad EVER before ANY where” because we’re constantly told that by the media.

What do the facts say?

To hell with facts!

Keep the masses cowering and quaking while verbally patting their sweaty, little hands with chewed-down fingernails with “we know how you feel”  delivered by a warm and comforting voice and/or face.

“We’re in this together” is uttered not to infer or suggest unity but as much to say, “If you don’t agree, you must be a clueless moron” or the very least or a saboteur that would make Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally appear to be great American patriots.

Weeks ago, I saw a public service announcement featuring all sorts of celebrities advising me to wash my hands and keep 6 feet apart and “we’ll all get through this” and I’m thinking, “You don’t really have a clue what it’s like for Joe Six Pack and his family”.

Just write a check to something and shut up!

“We know how you feel” rings so hollow.

Many of our politicians have no grasp about how “we feel” because  our checks and thoughts don’t add up to those “big boy” donations that they thrive on.

How can you know how I feel if you’ve never walked a foot, much less a mile in my shoes?

I get ticked off when someone mentions “the new normal”.

Talk about a white surrender flag, hands-up in the air mentality.

That’s indicating that what you see is what you get and and there’s not a thing you can do to change it.

Doesn’t sound like the American way of doing things.

“Well, I read here that there’s no way we can safely put a man on the moon,” so let’s not try.

Pilgrims, go to the New World to escape persecution? Sounds pretty risky to me.

Horse feathers!

And while I’m on a roll, let’s talk about face masks and social distancing.

To me, the whole  point of face masks is similar to the discussions we had years ago regarding seat belts.

I honestly don’t need a law that tells me I have to wear a seat belt.

I wear one because I know that it will protect me in an accident. 

A restraint that keeps me from smashing into the dashboard or windshield in the event of a crash makes a lot of sense.

Does it make sense to wear mask?

I think the jury is still out on the effectiveness of face masks stopping the spread of anything, except clear speech.

But, if a business asks that I wear a mask before spending my money there, I have two choices;

Don a mask.


Shop somewhere else.

If I’m gonna hang out at your place and you want me to wear a mask, I’ll either;

Wear a mask.


Tell you I have other plans.

Conversely, unless you’re spitting up blood or coughing out your right lung while running a fever of 103, you don’t need a mask at my place.

Unless you want to wear one.

Fine with me.

Lots of discussions about re-opening schools and sporting events, too.

The problem today is that too many people want a “risk free” environment before they venture out.

Last time I checked, life has never been free of risks.


With law firms thicker than fleas on an old dog, there are court actions just waiting to happen if your event results in someone getting the Wuhan flu.

That seems to be the real issue.

Somebody, somewhere, just set some standards and if you’re not happy with them, stay home.

I’m not looking for a no-hazard life.

Allow me to assess the risk and take appropriate actions.

But that’s not the nartrative in our nation these days.

I said from the get-go with this crisis, the reaction needs to be appropriate for the risk.

If this was a cake, we left it in the over too long.

Then there’s “social distancing”.

I think the folks behind that concept are the makers of signage and floor stickers and perhaps the plexiglass people.

It’s clear to me that there’s more of a vision problem in America if some of the people I’m in line with think that’s 6 feet from them to me.

Hey, if I sound as though I’m venting…I am!

I’m frustrated with with the way we’re behaving as a nation.

I wonder where I go to order an eye-opening “slap in the face” for all of us.

We don’t need any more “participation” trophies or “time outs”.

The phone is ringing.

Is anybody home?


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