TidBits in the News…

Johnny-on-the-Spot … byJohn Foster

Some “interesting” tidbits in the news recently.

There was a new study which suggests dogs really do “get” humans.

More reason why canines should be considered “man’s best friend”?


“Human’s best friend.

Duke University researchers say dogs have actually evolved to a point that they understand human gestures and look to us for help unlike any other animal.

The authors studied wolf pups raised by humans and dogs raised with hardly any contact with humans.

The study showed the dogs still outperformed their wolf counterparts when tested for their understanding and cooperation with humans.

The Duke researchers also discovered that dogs instinctively understand people.

Still, there are more cats as pets when compared to dogs.

To me, cats are more “snooty ” and “independent” and don’t care if you’re around or not.

I remember when we put down our last Boxer, Bootz.

When I drove into the driveway I would see her head in the left corner of the living room window closest to the garage.

I swore she would take that post when she heard the garage door opener come on.

Then she’d great me at the laundry room door with her distinctive “Boxer-butt” wiggle.

For several weeks after she was gone, I’d still catch myself looking for her in the corner of the living room window.

Our younger daughter has cats; actually two, fat, fur-bearing purring machines that could care less if I was there.

However, my grand dog Digby will whine at the garage door if I don’t come in and greet her.

Maybe that’s because I always give her two doggy treats.

Meanwhile, an Oregon congressman sees the Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic space missions as a way to increase tax revenue.

This elected official proposes a special tourism tax on any “tourist craft” that goes into the great beyond.

Here’s the “cute” part of this story.

Where else other than Washington, D.C. would we expect to get the “SPACE” acronym for this proposal?

It’s being promoted as the “Securing Protections Against Carbon Emissions” or “SPACE’ tax.

This elected official says just like you and I have to pay taxes when we buy airline tickets, billionaires who fly into space and produce nothing of “scientific value” should also pay taxes.

That’s the way many politicians roll.

Everything flows through the “how can we make some money to pay for something” other than fixing roads, bridges, or utilities?

As the Temptations sang (Ball of Confusion) “Politicians say more taxes will solve everything!”

Finally, from my “tin foil hat” department, the governor of Utah was threatened with “protests” and a possible recall” for this matter.

A “very concerned citizen” reached out to the governor on social media, urging him to change his last name.

So concerned and convicted to “his-her-its” beliefs that “he-she-it” did not identify “himself-herself-itself”.

Nothing like taking a stand, right?

This anonymous individual called the governor’s last name “obscene” and “filthy”.

The governor of Utah is Spencer Cox.


I sure hope this complainer is a registered voter and owns a few firearms.

Why do I think “he-she-it” lives in Mom’s basement and there is orange dust from Cheetos on “his-her-its'” t-shirt and the arm of the hide-a-bed sofa where “he-she-it” sleeps?

There’s probably a Bigfoot sighting in this individuals’ past, too.

When I first heard about this person’s “concerns”, you know who first came to mind?

Wally Cox.

He was in “Mister Peepers” in the early 50’s and he was the voice of “Underdog” in that carton series.

“Never fear! Underdog is here!”

Wally was also featured in the first episode of “Mission: Impossible”.

A great series BTW!

Of course, “Monica” from “Friends” (Courtney Cox) also came to mind as did Ronny Cox who was Drew Ballinger in the 1972 movie “Deliverance”.

I can still see the face of that banjo player!

From the sports world, I remembered the former skipper of the Atlanta Braves, Bobby Cox and the square-toed, straight-on placekicker from the Minnesota Vikings, Fred Cox.

Never once in my recollections did I find that name “obscene” or “filthy”.

This anonymous wizard would probably have a heart attack over the nickname for people named “Richard” or the mop-topped goofball from the Monkees, Mr. Tork.

What amazes me about this entire story is the fact that someone had so little to do that this entire idea came into their mind.

It somehow got past the tin-foil barrier they were wearing atop their head.

The story reinforces my belief that there are some folks on this planet that should be charged for the air they breathe.

Then again, maybe somebody is just “yanking my chain” and this isn’t a true, deep-seated belief of anyone.

Then again, it might be due to smoke inhalation from all the west coast fires…

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